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our new plattform is made to make you earn more !

Pos license
Use inzzii

Simple and smart for your business.

Increase your sales

Find more customers and make more sales

Collect 18.5% More Profit

With our solution you will save almost € 7 000.00 per month

Easy-To-Use Global Customer Tool

inzziiAPP is the application that could be used by the consumers and they can collect inzzii points that is later converted into inzzii coins. And yes!  they can use it as funds while shopping at your company …. and still you would earn more try it out! 


Analyse your sales

Smart, Simple and everywhere

Feel free to manage your company and run your business where ever you are. Let your customers feel free to simplify for you, do you want to know more ?

Register and get Your New Digital Card Today

Register and get Your New Digital Card Today

Seamless Managment

Easy to Use inzzii Tools

No Toggling Between Apps

One plattform one app that solve all the companies that is connected to inzzii.

Easily Send Invoices

We did implement the most used online ERP in Sweden, Fortnox is the market leader and our application is seamlessly integrated send invoices like a pro.

Automatic Expense Tracking

Your customers will find all the transaction inside the app that they used to order your products and also follow the loyalty points they earned .

Easy Earnings

Generate more sales with our tool that is made to advertise your company almost for free

Fast Online Orders

Yes its the new sales method that we built to make life easy for all involved both merchants and the consumers, the need is bigger then ever before and inzzii can help you!

More Than A Debit Card

Thanks to our new technology, your customers could use this inzzii plattform to top up or give away vouchers to their beloved 

About Us

Get To Know More About inzzii Online By ARANTEK

We are a company that has been developing software for other companies the last two decades and mostly white labled our own solution under 38 diffrent brands on the European market. And now we are also introducing our own brand to be a part of the market since we foudn out that merchants needs our entire solution.

Feel free to reach out to us!

Generated POS licenses

Transaction per day

Active Merchants in Europe


Our Customers

“Arantek supply us the solution that helps us to compete on our market, we use the V7.6  and it covers POS, KIOSK, KDS, ODS Online order and Online Back office”

Svein Huseby

Operation Director, S8R Butikksystemer AS

““We use our own version of Arantek that is specifically built for TOPR. We have been very active with this product and we like to recommend this solution to any other company that would like to make good profit.””
Pieter Koistra
Operation Director, Topr
“I have been working with Arantek since day one in SWESS and that’s since 2014. I don’t have any other system beside Arantek to choose, and I won’t choose anything else since there is no reason Arantek supply me by all my needs.””
“15 years later and we are still extremely satisfied with the ARANTEK that has been developed the 7 generations of POS, and that simplify for us while competing the Danish market a state of art soltuion. for example the entire Copenhagen Munipulacity “
Claus at E-touch

Elevate Your Business With inzzii