Sales method

1. Online sales

Via the online sales method everything of the POS sales and installation process is done via internet.
The POS supplier doesn’t need a car, and spend his time totally in the office or at home.
Working 100% online has a number of advantages:
- The total country of the POS supplier is the potential market. There is no limitation on driving distance.
The time spend on an order for a POS system is very limited.

Demonstration, installing + programming and education of the end-user is limited to 1 – 2 hours in total per order. Due to this limited time, the cost price is low and so the POS supplier can be very price competitive.
- Company cost is lower because of limited travelling cost.
- Working 100% online is sustainable, there is hardly no environmental damage.
Disadvantage of working 100% online is that the type of customer is limited to small to middle-sized end users with one POS system per store.

2. Offline sales

The traditional way of supplying POS systems. Demonstration, installation and education are done on location of the end user. Installation scan be more complex like a multi POS network.

3. Online in combination with offline sales

A combination of Online and Offline sales.