POS product definition

1. POS as a separate product

The POS supplier offers only a POS system to the end user, without any other services.
The market are end users looking for a reliable, easy and affordable POS system to process their transactions without any extra special features.

2. POS + cloud BackOffice options

The product from item 1 is extended with cloud based options which can be activated per option. It is flexible in use because there are no long term contracts for options. End users are able to start and stop whenever they want.

3. POS + cloud BackOffice options and integration with bookkeeping

All data from the POS system is synchronized with bookkeeping / administration of the end-user. It saves end-user time and money to have data synchronization between POS and bookkeeping program.

4. POS + cloud BackOffice options and online orders

The POS system is synchronized with a webshop or mobile phone application to create extra revenue for end user.

5. POS + cloud BackOffice and payment service providers

Providers POS system integrated with a payment solution.