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Point Of Sale

Below you will find an overview of all functions in our POS Software. Also you can use our online e-learning environment with all the POS manuals for your customers.

1. POS functions

Easy article registration + adjustments
Article with fixed, open or negative price
Transactions on different clercks
Transaction messages
Customer in transaction
% / amount discount on articles or total transaction
Different payment methods in one transaction
One-time article price change in transaction
Corrections in transaction
Tickets printed or send by Email
Create offer on POS Orders, production and distribution lists
Article info
Work-shift registration
Paid-in/paid out transactions
Stock transaction Add photo to transactions
Process internet orders

Specific functions Hospitality
Tables (split, transfer, combine)
Table on nummer or name
Take away order
Kitchen printers (max. 8)
Guest registration
Kitchen messages (dynamic and preset)
Extra texts and supplements
Fastfood functionality

Specific functions Retail
Barcode registration and Quick scan
Money exchange functionality
Temporary order
Articles with scale, product-ID registration
Dry-cleaning articles
Orders with articles to repair
Guarantee and exchange of articles
Articles with obliged ID number
Double tickets printed of specific articles
Shop-in-shop articles

Specific functions Beauty
Planning of personal on POS
Service person at article in transaction
Combination of articles
Planning in agenda
Online reservation

2. Marketing functions

Direct payment on account or prepaid
Registrate on name, barcode or NFC
Purchase history on POS
Different price level or discount per customer
Invoices, printed or send by Email on POS
Promotions, benefit in transactions
Loyalty, benefit over more than one transaction
Subscriptions, benefit over more than one transaction
Vouchers for specific article or article in department
Vouchers as % discount in transaction

Web functions
Online reservation
Mobile phone application with customer services
Integrated website
Integrated webshop

Create layout per type of Email
Email history
Integration with Facebook
Email ticket to consumer
Email invoice to consumer
Z-reports by Email from POS
Newsletter by Email
Customer display in shop
Inform customers on orders in POS
Automatic Email to new customers
Automatic Email to buyer of specific product
Email marketing on purchase history
Email marketing on customer profile
Birthday Email marketing
Reward customers to generate new customers

3. Management functions

Sales data
Choose report period (per day)
Reports on main group, department or article
Sales reports per branch office
Compare sales in 2 periods
Sales trends over longer period
Sales per hour during one day or longer period
Articles sold in combination with specific article
Top 25 of best and worst sold articles
X and Z reports on POS
Integration with bookkeeping (option)
Margin reports

Article control
Control on article data
Type of article (article or service)
Article changes on time
Article control webshop
Article properties
Specific article reports
Import article data from Excel
Stock, cost-price
Supplier of article + properties
Minimum stock functionality

Customer control
Customer data
Customer properties
Print customer labels
Customer purchase history
Preset discount per customer
Set max. debt on accounts
Language per customer
Set pre-scheduled orders on customers
Process payments on accounts in bacoffice
Import customer data from Excel

Employee control
Control of personel data per employee
Set rights and competence per employee
Sales analasis per employee
Workshift and cost reports