7 reasons to start with the Arantek business solution

1. More company value. An own product line has more goodwill than supplying third-party products when the company is sold.
2. Stronger position to competition. The potential customer of the POS Supplier cannot compare the same product with other POS suppliers.
3. More sales leads by better exposure. Included in the business solution is a website /web shop designed for the product which will create extra exposure.
4. More sales leads with Mysalesleadcreator. Included is an innovative cloud application that supports POS suppliers to create extra sales leads.
5. Extra sales at existing customer end-users. Opportunities to create extra revenue at existing end-users with limited effort.
6. Recurring revenue. The business solution offers opportunities for rental POS business and create recurring revenue with cloud services.
7. More sales and lesser costs. The solution offers opportunities for POS suppliers to operate fully online and supply POS systems in the total country.

Arantek realizes your own POS productline

The competition is growing and the years of traditional success formulas are no longer tenable. POS Suppliers need to take action to keep up with changing technology. Arantek helps POS suppliers who dare to think differently.
In three simple steps, we will make you ready for the future.

1. POS product and marketing strategy

At the start of cooperation the business strategy for your product be defined. Product functionality, sales and marketing will be the main subjects.

1. POS product definition

2. End user market

3. Sales method
4. Order type
5. POS product branding

2. POS Supplier operations

The operational tasks of a POS supplier consists of two main activities. First one is to create sales. Creating sales has 2 main tasks, creating sales leads and make effective product demonstrations. The Arantek business solution supports the POS supplier with both tasks. Second task is the technical part, installation, programming end-user education and support. Goal is to do this job as efficient as possible. Also, for these tasks the POS supplier is supported with the Arantek business solution.

1. Sales and marketing operations

2. Technical operations

3. End user POS applications

The software is perfectly suitable to serve a wide range of different end-users. With our highly experienced team we have developed POS software that is equipped with a very wide range of functionality.

1. Point of Sale

2. Cloud BackOffice

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