End user market

1. Hospitality

Hospitality companies which offers food and drink services to its customers.
Type of companies are:

- Restaurant
- Bistro
- Bar
- Cafe
- Cafetaria
- Canteen
- Catering

2. Retail or Shops

Retail has a wide range of different sort of shops offering a wide range of products including services to products like repair, cleaning and other services. Type of companies are:

- Supermarkets
- Article shops like tools, DIY, shoes and all kind of other articles
- Food shops like bakery chocolate shops and others
- Service repair shops like electronics plus repair
- Cleaning shops like dry cleaning
- And many other shops

3. Wellness, sport and leisure

Companies offering human wellness and sport products to its customers.
Type of companies are:

- Hairdresser
- Massage
- Beauty shops
- Sauna
- Sports canteens