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Installation procedure

Action Hardware supplier

1. Collect hardware / PC Touch in stock
2. Connect PC Touch to power and internet and start PC

—————- Start software installation hardware supplier ——————————- 

3. Install Microsoft Windows 7 embedded or higher Windows version
4. Install Microsoft .NET latest version

5. Go to browser and enter website + button Download. Unpack the zip-file and start the installer

6. Enter username and password received

7. System will check if account is ok (not used before etc.)

8. If ok, the system will automatically start

9. Check automatically if total installation is ok and confirmation shown on screen including Calculated license ID

—————- End software installation hardware supplier ————————— 



If you have some problems with or question about the installation, please contact us by email, by telephone or with the form below. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Telephone: +31(0)76 763 09 03

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Download below the importsheets of the POS.

Article importsheet

Customer importsheet