1. Reporting

Around 200 real-time reports on revenue, sales, customers, marketing, stock and suppliers and many more. It offers the end user a real-time view on his business. Also, an electronic journal with detailed info per transaction is available.

2. Article control

Make article adjustments at any time from home or the office.

3. Customers

Management of all customer data including transaction history.

4. Email

Control of lay-out of each type of Email and overview of Email history send from POS.

5. Staff

Management of service and product staff.

6. Mobile phone application

A mobile application for online ordering, purchase history, vouchers and other applications in use by customers of POS end user.

7. Headquarter / branch office manager

Article management and reporting at end users with more than 1 branch office. Mainly interesting for chains and franchise end users.

8. Marketing

Online marketing tools like birthday and Email marketing.

9. Vouchers

Management of gift cards and vouchers

10. Service-planner

Online reservation and planning of services in use at the POS application.

11. API

All POS data is real-time available in an API and usable for synchronization with other applications.